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I entered the service after I graduated high school because all the dropouts had already taken all the jobs

Bill Cosby
My clients leave happy :)

My clients leave happy :)

Explain to me again why being a protective mother has a bad connotation?

There Are Now Only 6 Northern White Rhinos On Earth


Make no mistake, this is our fault. We failed them.


Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena shares a rare and incredible sight: a pod of sperm whales fast asleep, floating in a vertical position, some with noses pointed up towards the water’s surface, some pointed down to the ocean floor. It’s a haunting sight, something the whales are believed to do for only brief periods of about 12 minutes at a time. Quick, vertical power naps.

Researchers have observed sleeping sperm whales exhibiting the same sort of Rapid Eye Movement that’s associated with dreaming in humans. So now we’re wondering what sorts of awesome things whales dream about.

Above gif and image taken from video footage used in the Discovery Channel series The Magic of the Big Blue (episode 4 of 7). Click here to watch.

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What do baby whales dream of?

I surfed with a monk seal yesterday.

Yep :)




This is how you feminist ally.

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Cyanea capillata by Alexander Semenov on Flickr.